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ground screw

The simple answer is – yes! We can install our range of ground screws all year round, in spring, summer, autumn or winter, and come the sun, rain or snow. 

All year round installation is possible due to two important factors. 

Our range of professional and extendable ground screws from LEAH is engineered to support the impressive downward, load-bearing forces and withstand significant tensile forces, meaning we can drive them into hardpacked ground without compromising their integrity, including frozen ground in the depths of winter. 

Secondly, installation in all weather conditions is possible using our professional equipment. Our electric-powered hand-turning machines, which deliver up to 4700 Nm of torque, are portable units that will install and extract screws from 76mm up to 114mm in diameter in the most demanding conditions, including winter and overcoming the frozen or hard-packed ground. 

In some instances, customers have used this ability for ground screws to be installed all year round to their benefit, choosing to install projects in winter when the ground conditions are more solid and can withstand the arrival of multiple trucks or if needing to deploy a crane. 

Alongside the many ground screws we’ve installed on projects, there have been a handful of questions that come up from time to time. We’ve done our best to answer these below but if you have any other questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them too!

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